Sunday, December 19, 2010


What a difference a year makes!

For those of you who have joined us since last December, you can read how it all started HERE.  I am not going to go over it again here.  :)  I want to spend this time looking back at the past year...

Mommy and Daddy are sooooooo proud of you! You have worked so hard this year, and you can really tell. You rocked your leg surgery.  Since your legs have been straightened, you have taken off - literally. You are working so hard in PT and OT every week. You are SUCH a good traveler, and we spend countless hours in the car. You have figured out that you like to show off.  Part of your M.O. in therapy is to see how many people in the gym you can get to cheer for each accomplishment.  It works every time. :)

You have been able to get into a swimming pool for the first time ever this year - and LOVED it. I see swimming lessons in your future.

You are communicating more with a combination of words, signs, pecs, pointing, etc.  What ever it takes to get your point across, you get there. To help with the communication and to prepare you for a device or an IPad, we have an Ipod. There are a few games that you like to play on it, but I think it is hard for you to see or focus on. 

You are working hard in school as well. We are still working on numbers. You recognize and help me count 1 thru 10.  We are working on number correspondence. We have to figure out some way for you to color. With those backwards thumbs, it is hard for you to do a pincher grasp or to use scissors.  We have tabletop push scissors and are working on our scissor skills as well.  You like your books, but have to be in the mood for them.  You like your movies - especially Spout channel (Barney, Kipper the Dog, Sesame Street) - better. You have mastered the concepts of Bigger and Smaller, and Matching - choosing from two flashcards, the one that matches.  We will be working more on those, adding more cards or objects to the mix.  You have discovered trucks, and love to yell at the semis as we pass them on the highway. 

You are more interested in your world. You like to look out the window in the van and will often stay awake ALL the way to Chicago just to watch out the window.

We are working on your sensory issues, and hope to move forward with some vision therapy this year.

This has been our first year that we can really say Christopher has not had any serious illnesses! That has made a world of difference. We believe that we finally have a team of the right people in the right places. Now that he is healthier, we are really starting where most folks would be at around age 2.

For this coming year, we hope:

1. That you continue to stay healthy. Maybe gain a little weight?
2. That you continue to work hard in PT and OT. We can really see it paying off.  You will be getting AFO's and a stander soon.  We can't wait to see how they help you progress!
3. That you will continue to work on your communication.  I can't wait to hear what is running around in that little head of yours. :)
4. That you continue to work hard in your schooling. Every time I make a goal, you blow it out of the water and I have to re-work things.  We will go as far as we can go.  All I ask is that you try your best.

We love you Little Man!!!!  We hope the next year is as fruitful as this one has been and more. 

Here are some pictures for your enjoyment. 

First day home from the Hospital - Dec. 23, 2003

Christopher's Cowpokes - Buddy Walk - Oct. 2010

Happy Birthday Little Man!!!  12-2010

What?!?  How can I be 7 years old already???

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Blogger Lacey said...

Happy Happy birthday to one sweet boy! Here's to many more happy years!

December 19, 2010 at 10:07 AM  
Blogger Zoey's mom said...

Happy,happy birthday sweet Christopher!

Your girlfriend sends love and slobbery kisses your way!!

I love the first picture.So cute and SO tiny!

December 19, 2010 at 2:54 PM  
Blogger Happy Elf Mom said...

Ha! So expressive! LOVE these pics! My goodness, he is the cutest little button. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! :)

December 19, 2010 at 10:33 PM  

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