Sunday, September 5, 2010

Whole Lotta Nothin.....

It seems like we have been busy but still not doing a whole lot around here. 

Christopher is officially on the  5 day count-down to casts off. The first 2 weeks or so were pretty rough.  The casts seemed to make him REALLY hot. He is used to flipping around in bed and couldn't really do that. His heart rate was also sky high - we never really did figure out if that was bacause he was in pain, mad, or if the casts were putting pressure on the blood vessles in his legs making it a little harder for his heart to pump.  Now he has figured out how to swing them around and even crawl some!

Selling the house has gone S.L.O.W.L.Y!!!!!!  We have dropped the price $10,000 and are having another open house at the end of this week. Our original Real Estate Agent suddenly retired right be fore Christopher's surgery, so we ended up with another from the same company.  This week, the company has gone through some sort of re-organization, so everything was pretty much at a stand still. I told him I want this house sold and out of here by the first of November. Every time we move it is -5 degrees out - not this time.

We still have things to do at our new house - paint the bedroom, paint the hall and living room, and prime and paint some cabinets on the lower level.  Those we will have to use KILZ on first and I want to get that done before cold weather sets in so that we can leave the windows open because of the fumes. This will go much faster once Christopher has his casts off and it is easier to take him back and forth.  So far, we have painted Christopher's room, the Den and the bathroom.  Then it is just amatter of getting things put away - UGH!  

Since we have moved so many things over to the other house already, it has been a challenge on the homeschool front.  I finally just decided that this would be our "vacation".  We usually don't take time off except for holidays and hospital stays where he is REALLY sick.  He forgets too much if we don't drill on it every day.  We have still been working on animal names, counting to 10, sigining and other communication issues. I have noticed that he has been babbling more recently.  He used to all of the time "dadadadad" etc.  He is doing that again.  He also says "Chi - ken" "Turkey" "Cow" "un (one)" "koo or two (two)" "tree (three)" "Sic (Six)" "Ten" "Get" "Kids" "Papa" "Go" and "tan-ku (Thank You)".

Our big goal for homeschool this year is learning the alphabet.  We have started flashcards several times a day.  I have soooooo much stuff for alphabet work - but it is all at the other house.  I decided that we were going to go ahead and start calendar time - as soon as I have it all made up.  I will post pics when it is finished.  I will do a larger post on homeschool goals soon.

Otherwise, I have been spending entirely too much time on FB.  I am glad that I have been able to connect with some old friends and make some new ones. However, I think I am going to be limiting my time there.  Especially when we get to the new house and start in seriously with homeschooling. I have also left a few of my on-line file sharing groups.  I seriously have sooooo much stuff - for all ages. I have 5 different e-mail addresses and they ALL have over 6000 messages in them! Once I get all of those dealt with and the files down loaded, I will feel much better. I am also blogging at Living With Special Needs. When we get to the other house, I want to start cooking, gardening, and doing more than just laundry, diapers, and meds.  :)

For our family, we added a page to the top of the blog with links for wishlists for Christopher's birthday and Christmas.  There are lots of things there and at all prices.  We haven't found any "one" thing that we want for him this year - he has everything!  Most of the things I listed are just items that would be nice to have, and serve a dual purpose  - school, play, therapy.  If you find somethng on the list someplace other than the stores we used, by all means pick it up.  We just used those places because they had on-line wishlists.

We are also getting ready for the Buddy Walk!  Look for another post in the next day or so with the link to join the Buddy Walk team and/or donate to Christopher's Cowpokes!

Well, that is the lowdown for now! Hope everybody is doing well and enjoying this wonderful weather we are getting in the Midwest.  I LOVE FALL!  :)


P.S.  Our Buddy L.C. is having surgery to take out her G-button on the 8th!!!!!  Yeah L.C.!  If you could all say a prayer for an un-eventful surgery and speedy recovery, I am sure her Mom & Dad would thank you!!! :)

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Blogger The VW's said...

I bet you guys can't wait to get those casts off! Hope you are able to sel your house soon! Hugs!!!

September 6, 2010 at 8:32 AM  

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