Saturday, June 12, 2010

All the Goings-On....

Well, we have been jumping through hoops trying to get this surgery scheduled.  Long story short, we have a surgery date!  It looks like it is going to be July 26th.  I am MUCH happier that it will be on a Monday vs a Friday.  Not knowing how Christopher is going to respond to this, I feel much better knowing there is a full staff.

Another end result from all of this is that we have dropped another doc in Wisconsin.  I am not even going to go into that fiasco, we'll be here all night.  We have appointments both in Chicago and Peoria to interview new Pulmo docs. We also got on a waiting list for a new endo doc in Chicago. I am not impressed with the one in Peoria - that is why we left her the last time. That only leaves Genetics and Nephrology (kidney) docs in Milwaukee. We can handle that. We like both of those. We also don't want to completely cut ties, just in case we need to go back for GI issues. Everybody else is either in Chicago or Peoria. Both are only a 6 mile difference in drive for us. We'll take that! :)

Otherwise, we are still putting the finishing touches on the house to get it up for sale.  Should be up for sale before the end of the month.  Pray for a quick sale (but not too quick - I don't want to have to move during Christopher's surgery. LOL!)

Last, but never least  could you please say some prayers for Kristen and her family?  Kristen has fought leukemia FOUR TIMES!!!!  She just had a bone marrow transplant, and they have just found out that her leukemia is back.  Please say a prayer for her family that this transition be as easy and peaceful as possible for Kristen.



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Blogger Mrs. C said...

Praying for a super-quick sale and buyers who want the property before the next school year starts! :)

June 12, 2010 at 1:17 PM  
Blogger Heather said...

Lots and lots going on.Hoping and praying for a quick sale and praying and praying and praying for sweet Kristen ... I SO HATE LEUKEMIA.I mean seriously hate it.

June 13, 2010 at 2:12 AM  

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