Friday, April 16, 2010

Things are a changin'....

Hello all!  Just wanted to drop a line to say that I am going to be working on the blog.  If you can't see something, I am probably busy editing!

Notice the new page additions at the top.  I will be adding to these regularly.  I have probably thousands (no joking) of links regarding homeschooling alone!  Don't be fooled by the titles.  There will probably be something on each page for everyone when I am finished (if ever.....LOL!). 

For all of my blog friends, I am having trouble with my comments on others' blogs - only blogspot blogs.  I will write a comment and the entire thing disappears!  Please know that I am visitng your blogs, even if my comments do not co-operate.

Not much to report right now.  Busy week next week with appointments: Monday - Cardiology, Tues - Wheelchair clinic, Fri - GI  & Endocrinology.  Not too bad unless you consider each of those is 200 miles away.  Our van is going to be our best friend!

Have a great weekend!



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