Friday, March 12, 2010


OK - I just spoke with the Executive Director of the National Down Syndrome Congress - the guy sounds like Ned Flanders, but was obviously PO'd. They are getting flack from all directions - which is unfortunate. I know they didn't intentionally put the images out there for others to take and use, but they also didn't protect their site as well as it should have been either. They are looking into having to register to even see the gallery from now on.

He did say that he was surprized by the number of people who DID NOT want the posters taken down - that they wanted to be "in the faces" of those who are doing this. I understand that, but it probably wasn't any of the people who had their children's image stolen. Some of those posters were filthy. The one with my son was not as bad as the others, BUT some FREAK has a picture of my son on his computer now!

This thread has come down, but these whack jobs tend to pop up again and again. The ED of NDSC made a comment that I thought was funny - he said that these people probably didn't get out of their parents' basement too often. LOL!

He also said that there was volunteers from almost every state. They are working with the Attny General and several lawfirms, including one in the state of the site administrator. They were able to get screen shots of all of the postings and somebody joined and got screen shots of the member info for all of the poeple who posted there. There is currently a cyber-crimes investigation firm (did anybody know they HAD these?) tracking down information on all posters. He said that some sort of legal action needs to happen but they weren't sure what it would be. They are trying to figure out murky laws in different states.

Will keep you all updated. Thanks so much for the support!


Blogger ch said...

Thank YOU for being so connected and keeping us informed of the response and actions being taken. I think it's so incredibly important that these actions be considered as the hate crimes they most certainly are.

I was bummed we HADN'T made a poster and hoped there'd be an opportunity to do it again next year. :0( Such craziness.

March 12, 2010 at 7:07 PM  
Blogger Beth said...

Thanks for pursuing this. It's horrible.

I hope that somehow you can imagine that at least one person who sees that hijacked picture will see beyond the hateful message and become curious to learn more about Down syndrome. You know the power of L'il Man. He has a way into people's hearts.

March 12, 2010 at 8:40 PM  

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