Thursday, February 4, 2010

Heart Buddies

If you were not aware of it before now, February is American Heart Month.  I will do another post on that later.  Right now, I am again asking for prayers for some of our heart buddies:

Zip, Zip, Hooray!

Zippy is doing great today!  He has a little junk in his chest that will require some coughing to get it up, but hopefully he can get some good drugs to help with the pain.  Otherwise, he is really doing outstanding after OHS.

Princess Kaitlyn:

They don't have a blog, but we have met IRL (in real life).  These are some local friends.  Big Chris has known the family since Kaitlyn was born and had her first OHS in Peoria.  Lil Man shares his Cardiologist with her.  They are a super nice family.  Kaitlyn is not too far out from  a heart transplant.  Tonight, she is back in the hospital in Chicago.  She has pneumonia and RSV.  Yes, she is a little old for RSV, but she has it just the same.  Because of the anti-rejection meds, he immune system is very low.  This is how she got the sickies.  Please pray for a quick recovery and no rejection.  Thanks!

Sweet Jaxson:

So far, Jaxson is holding his own.  Resting his tired little body, and letting the meds know out the nasties.  Continued prayers for a quick recovery and strength for his Mommy, Daddy, and brothers. 

Thanks so much for stopping by.  Will get back to regular posting topics ASAP!  :)




Blogger ch said...

thanks for remembering neat that both my kiddos had their repairs in a month celebrating tiny hearts like theirs'...hugs to our heart buddy, christopher!

February 6, 2010 at 4:46 PM  

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