Wednesday, December 2, 2009

I'm a Slacker - We Need Your Help!

First, I want to apologise again for my lack in posts. We have had the crud since before Halloween and I am JUST now feeling like I am not drowning. I still have a cough and zero energy, but that is 200% better than what I was 2 weeks ago. :)

Lil Man has been doing sooooooo well. I am afraid to post about it for fear I would jinx it! I don't know what happened with that seizure back in October, but it seemed to "reset" something in his brain. He has been doing so well with his school work, his attention span, even sitting! Last night, about 2 a.m., he signed "school" to me - he wanted school work!!! (Well, it didn't reset his internal clock - we are still working on that.)

We go to Chicago tomorrow to see the ortho. Hopefully he can figure out a non-surgical way to get Lil Man's kneecaps back where they belong. He used to be able to dislocate them at will - they would pop back and forth. He seemed to PREFER them dislocated - ah the joys of hypotonia. Now, the ligaments in his legs have started to tighten up. The kneecaps are permanently dislocated to the sides of his legs (outsides). We can't get them to go back and now Lil Man can't straighten his legs all the way. We shall see what the solution is for this.

Here is the part where we need your help:

OK - ATTENTION ALL BLOGGER FAMILY - WE NEED YOUR HELP! Please follow the link below and vote for Christopher. We are entered in a Christmas cash giveaway from an organization that we are sooooo thankful to be a part of. They assign members to pray for your family and child when they are sick. Some even come to the hospital to help out with things like meals and such. They are doing a giveaway and the awards are by vote. You can only vote once per e-mail address - they don't sell your information. Just click on "Christmas Cash Giveaway", enter your info, and click on "Christopher Moore" in the drop down box. Thanks so much for your help. The only really sad part is how MANY sick children there are to vote for. :(

Thanks so much for your help - More posts coming soon - I promise!

Big Hugs!


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Blogger Lacey said...

Made my vote. Man that is a lot of kids. I saw that Abby Riggs girl that everyone talks about. This must be a nationwide program.

December 2, 2009 at 7:53 PM  
Blogger Beth said...

I voted. Wow, that is a long list of kids. I know that it's just the tip of the iceberg--it's just overwhelming how many kids need help.

Glad you're back to blogging, and improving in health. I think November was a dud month for blogging--at least it was for me! Lil Man's horse sounds great! It's amazing how intuitive animals are.

December 5, 2009 at 9:14 AM  

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