Sunday, November 1, 2009

In Memory.....

Sorry we haven't been posting very much lately. As usual, life gets in the way of getting things done sometimes.

Lil' Man seems to be on the upswing. He has really made a turn around after that seizure. We were starting to get worried that he wasn't crawling anymore, clapping, babbling, etc. He hasn't taken off down the hall yet, but he has started doing his barrel rolls again to get where he wants to go. He is pointing at things now to let you know what he wants, and he has been OBSESSED with sitting in his little feeding chair. I think it is because I put the legs on his little mirror toy (9 months after he got it) and the only way he can see in the mirror is by sitting up. That was my goal - now we will work on it out of his chair, on his own.

We went trick-or-treating last night. For us, we only go two places - the Grandmas. We were able to have Lil Man visit for awhile, and happily able to get a serious family discussion taken care of without having to "sit anybody down". Hopefully, things will improve from here. :)

On a sad note, I hadn't been on the computer for a couple of days. I just found out last night that a friend of mine, and his family, lost his battle with brain cancer on October 28, 2009. Fred and Terry are super people. While we never were able to meet in person, I have known Fred and Terry since about 1997-98. They were a super couple and great friends who supported me through some rough times, including a yucky divorce. Anybody who knew them, knew they had an open invitation to stop by anytime they were in the vicinity (that being Maine). Fred would take you hunting or fishing. He had the same brain cancer that took Ted Kennedy, but fought it much longer - several years. Fred's was in-operable. He and his family endured countless rounds of chemo and radiation, trips to Boston and experimental drugs. They fought hard and Fred met this fight on his own terms. In the end, he was surrounded by his family and Terry. He left his earthly home and entered his happy hunting grounds just the way he wanted to do it. Who could ask for more?

Sending all my love and prayers to Terry and family. RIP - Fred "Melonghunter" Smith.