Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Blogger Questions and Lapbooks

I have noticed the past week or so, that all of the blogs that originally would show more than one post on a page are now only showing one at a time. My question is....is this happening with this one as well? I have tried signing out and coming back to see it, but can't. It looks ok to me. If somebody could post or email me what you are seeing, I would really appreciate it.

My other question is, do any of you use lapbooks out there? I am specifically talking to those who are doing Pre-K/ K. How do you use them? Do your children go back to them once they have finished them?

For those who have no idea what I am talking about, lapbooks are a new tool to use mostly in unit studies. You can make a lapbook for anything from colors or shapes to history, Bible stories, or literature. If you can do a lesson around it, you can make a lapbook about it. If you check out some of the home school links on the side of our page, many of these people use lapbooks.

I was looking at the Tot School site last night. She has soooooo many great ideas. I am thinking that I will probably be putting a couple of lapbooks together for Lil' Man. There are things that I will have him do in each of them (i.e. color, maybe paste, cut a little with push scissors), but I don't think he is developmentally advanced enough to get much out of putting them together. Right now, unless he is REALLY into what we are doing, he has the attention span of a gnat. It is not worth fighting him over if he is not ready for that much concentration.

I have a few different ones downloaded, and have some ideas to add to them. They all cover the same basic things: colors, shapes, 1-10, A-B-C's, and recognizing his name. The difference is really the "theme". I think these will be great to put into his backpack when we have trips to the doctor. There is enough variety that there shouldn't be any danger of him memorizing and getting tired of the activities. Now all I have to do is go get some new color ink cartridges for the printer! LOL!

Lil Man had an interesting night last night. We were getting worried because he was not waking up. He slept until 2 a.m. If this child wants to sleep, there is NO way you are going to stop him. Once he woke up, though, he was ready to go. He has been "junky" sounding. I had to suction him a few times last night, but he seems to be ok right now. His eyes had green yuck in them and he had a bloody nose at some point.

I sat him in his chair for awhile to try to clear his lungs a bit. We watched Sesame Street. He worked on putting his coins into the piggy bank again. We also played a younger version of Candy Land. It has 4 gingerbread people with different shape/color sections on each arm and leg. You pull on a candy cane to make a plastic shape piece come out of a castle, and try to match it to the shape on your board. The first to match all of their shapes wins. We did two different boards before he lost interest. While I would tell him what shape each was, we were really working on colors and matching. I don't think he really "gets" matching yet. We will keep working on it.

We also watched the movie Inkheart last night. It had Brendan Frasier in it and was a PG rated movie. It was pretty good. It is about a man who can bring the characters in books to life when he reads aloud. That's all I am telling - you'll have to watch to learn the rest. :)


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HI! Just a quick post to let you know i'm seeing multiple posts when i tune in to christopher's blog...and i'm interested in exploring the lapbook concept! i hadn't heard of them...thanks!

June 30, 2009 at 10:50 AM  

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